Thursday, June 25, 2009

Share, Live, Learn

Kassandra Speaks:

I had asked for those inclined to comment to my last entry and no one did, and at first I was bothered a bit by this. Then I realized that as uncomfortable as it is for me to speak of this things, it must be just as much if not more uncomfortable for any you that do have something to share.

So I am leaving it open to any that wish to converse on the subject at hand to email me at

These prophecies are burning inside me, they scream inside me to be heard. I hope most of all that they are heard. Even if they words I write plant seeds to grow in a future time, then I will have feel like I have done what I set out to do.

Somewhere in the PNW there is a cave. This cave is known to someone who knows others who can teach and then create a safe space for when the time comes. This is not to be seen as fanatical, it is to be seen as practical, like the modern emergency kit kept in the care or a garbage pail in the garage.

It would be about storing what would be needed to start a new life. As we as people start to realize more and more that we have taken too much from our mother and she is going to strike out to survive, we start to ponder living with balance.

I do not know where the cave is, I do not know who will teach the children. I wish I could be more specific, but this is what I know. The human race will change in such a dramatic way that it will be brought down upon its knees creating a more humble way of living. What I have been shown is not total annihilation, it is preserving the planet and all its creatures…including humans.

What message keeps shining highly in my eyes is the gathering of teachers who know how to live off the earth in varied ways. In order for us to continue our children must know how to lead, beyond merely surviving. They must know how to create a plan and to live by it.

There will be much fire, as it was like with Troy. Buildings will crumble. In certain cities only. The West coast will be hardest hit. The landscape will be forever changed. The destruction of some cities will be directly a doing of the Goddess within our planet, Gaia’s dark sister. She will strike as she has done before, many times over. But this will be second to the pandemic that will spread like a web interconnecting the human race like no other event could.

I leave you with a visions of an epic cleansing that many speak of, the difference I make is that I believe this is a beginning for us as a people. It will unite those survive instead of warring more. Women will take up more leadership roles and the species will be better for it. There must be a balance of energies….both masculine and feminine. We have been ruled by a patriarchal society where men make choices based on their need for power. It would seem like most men in powerful positions in our world seem to be questing for a elusive Ring of Power.

Gaia and her darker half are in pain, but they have also seen the very few turn into a vast number that then become catalysts to many recent changes. We seem less willing to live in ignorant blindness.

So again I say fight for what you want with your life and how you live it. We cannot live in fear of what is to come, we can only prepare for it and then set it aside to live in the moment. We still have so much to enjoy, to improve, and to learn. Please do not get caught up in the fear mongering machine, live now and make each day count as much as you can, and always, every day…be grateful for what you have.

I will come back to visit and post if I receive new information. Sometimes I remember visions from that time and will post if they occur as well.

I manifest this blog to reach as many as it needs to…to induce sharing of information and connections. I give this to you, the people of Gaia and her Dark Sister to use as you will.

Many Blessings to you and yours,

The Prophetess Kassandra

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