Friday, May 15, 2009

What if….there were no technology or power?

My first prophecy was really about laying down a foundation, like growing roots for this matter of epic change. Now I speak on a greater matter than that of the event itself, I will speak of a vision given to me, one I attempted share with others but no one would hear their message, let alone live it.

There is to be many gatherings of people with specific skills to teach others, namely children on how to survive after the fall of technology. If there was one single blaring message louder than the others I received, it was the fact that by whatever means, technology would be lost to who ever survives and so it is of utmost importance that we prepare.

I have given this much thought as I remember from reading Stephen King’s novel The Stand there was a similar scenario (excluding the Christian mythos), where a “super flu” expertly kills off most of the planets inhabitants and eventually the planet started to shut down power wise. Now this book was written in the late 70’s when perhaps computers were not running much of anything, which I feel safe to assume is not the case presently. So despite knowing this prophecy to be true, I really have no idea how long it would take, longer certainly than it took in The Stand, but eventually power will fail.

Can a few keep power going in some cities? Certainly I would think that be true, but with the reality of countless dead bodies rotting and creating a perfect breeding ground for disease might just be one factor making it wiser to stick to our countryside’s. So that brings me back to my point, those who possess the knowledge of how to live off the land must be gathered to teach our youth to do so as well.

This was so very clear...children in rows practicing archery, sword play, hunting, food preparation and storage, farming, weaving…all in a farmstead setting. Really all manners of living that did not depend on the use of power or any other type of technology are to be taught and even lived presently if at all possible.

It has occurred to me as I have pondered this vision, that so many in our world are already starting to live as I have foreseen. Our global economy failing to such a degree has brought people back to the simplicity of our ancestors. Living “Off the grid” once was thought to be a lifestyle that of extreme tree huggers, now we ponder their lifestyle as…possible, reasonable and maybe even attractive.

A shift in consciousness is upon us to scale back and to reassess what our needs are against our wants. So many are coming to the same conclusion, our wants have brought us to this place of destruction and fear. So is this fear productive? Yes, I believe it is. More and more people each day come to believe that we are all of one race upon a planet that is burgeoning with overpopulation and greed. If this leads many to attempt to stave off the inevitable, than again yes, I know that this fear is a productive conduit for change.

So finally I would invite any who feel connected to this prophecy in anyway to leave comments inviting a dialog with others who may feel the same pull towards this destiny. Long ago when I first spoke of the prophecies I was frustrated by the unwillingness of those given the messages to face their destinies, now I am speaking to a much larger audience in hopes that it may spark a knowing in even ONE person. And if that one person shares their knowing with another it could attract more energy, and like a ripple on a pond, in time reach so many others.

The Prophetess Kassandra

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