Monday, May 11, 2009

There must always be a beginning and an end...

What if…we were to heed the new prophesies of Kassandra about the simple and irrevocably certainty that the raping of Mother Earth will not be allowed to continue?

When I was first shared the given images and knowledge of how our world would be transformed, I was thought to be unstable. Sound familiar? Kassandra foresaw the burning of Troy, which no one wanted to hear and eventually shunned her for it and then finally, was ordered to stop.

Recently it has come to my attention that I may have held in foreknowledge given to me by an Entity. This information has taken on a life of it's own and now in order to dispel its mutation within, I must speak the truth.
A truth that no one wants to hear (just like Kassandra), yet I must put it out there for anyone and everyone to take in if they so wish. What is done with the prophesies is up to the reader.

I will now take on the guise of Kassandra the Prophetess. I will be twittering on Twitter under her guise and will blog here as Kassandra as well. Yet you will not find fear mongering here. For every prophecy you will find sound advice that may speak a quiet, or even loud ring of truth within you. Please share what you read here if it does ring that inner bell; send it on and on so that it may grow to be a life of its own!

So I begin with messages of an end that will create a rebirth,

The Prophetess Kassandra

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