Tuesday, May 12, 2009

As promised my first blogged prophesy

I think it best to start with the who. She is the primal aspect of Gaia, her dark twin, her shadow self, her deep fiery opposite. She showed me where she lived and I felt all her heat and raw power. She is the one that will cleanse our earth out of a survival instinct to continue.

It is not like Gaia and her dark sister have not done so before. Only now there is a race of humans who have advanced perhaps far beyond the limits of nature and have mucked up the order of things. There is only one thing for it, a cleansing of those that have threatened her to perhaps the point of no return.

She would have all of us be cleansed from her surface altogether, but she intends that some would survive. I will go into that later in much more detail, for now I wish to make as clear as I can the who and the how.

So I suppose next is the how. This is where she was rather ambiguous. She showed me a few different scenarios or perhaps they were one of the same, they just appeared to be separate. The world seemed abandoned, as though everyone disappeared; only they did not. In some cities there was mass destruction leaving me to believe there were perhaps two scenarios, but sometimes I think these are same event, different places, impacted by the loss of humans in different ways. No matter which vision, there was this overwhelming quiet and emptiness that I know I can truly not describe fully!

As Kassandra I am gifted with my own abilities to sense things around me and so I have come to my own predictions separate from that of the Goddess’s. I believe what I saw was the end result of a pandemic of epic proportions. I sense that first we will continue to see more and more natural disasters which will create the supreme breeding ground for a super virus that no one will be able to stop. This scenario is certainly not original but it is what I sense as a seer.

In the end everything dies. We are all subject to the cycle of life our Mother Gaia also has a cycle of life. It would be arrogant of us to believe we with all our technology could not be brought down so very completely, but I can assure you, that what I was shown was very plausible and frightening.

Now I said I would offer advice with each posted prophecy, this one is simple. We must as a human race continue our diligence in stopping the destruction of Gaia. Yes that sounds defeatist, but it is not. Simply put, who is spared may depend on who continued to fight for Her even if they were certain of what I have prophesied here today would come to be. Our courage will have a major impact on who will continue our race.

The other simple fact made so very complicated by so many, is the fact that we are human kind. She will globally cleanse the human race, she will not care what religion or what color your skin is, she will only be concerned with HER survival.

So please heed my advice and fight! We still have power over how we react to such intense foreknowledge. We can fight for ecological change by each of our countries leaders, it is our planet as well, and it is worth fighting for.

The Prophetess Kassandra

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